Shafarin describes his paintings as undulating harmonious sounds singing in your mind & vivid colors flowing in your eyes. When you delve in Shafarin’s quassi- musical waves in painted oil, you seem to hear the déjà vu of Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” orchestrating in it’s gloom & mystery. Using a re known technique “ Chiaroscuro” perfected by Rembrandt which means light-dark in Italian, Shafarin has skillfully conjured a poetic rhythm of waves composed of rich dark shadows teamed with hints of accented highlights ; liquid arcs catching alight in the volatile temperaments of the sea. The contrapuntal rhythms of light & shade seem to reverberate within the Art & the viewer, conjuring atmospheric moods to stir one’s innermost psyche.

Oeuvre of Movement No. 1 was but only the tip of an iceberg that was Shafarin’s artistic capabilities, enticing us with his talents and temptations of the possibilities he would present as an artist. Be prepared to be impressed as Shafarin unveils his latest masterpiece in Oeuvre of Movement No. 2 – yang tersembunyi. This time, he draws inspiration far surpassing his inner calling and his outer surroundings.

This will be THE show that will complete him as a true artist, poet, musician and painter. Oeuvre of Movement No. 2 will mark the brilliant pinnacle of his skills, where each and every artistic element within him blends together to produce 10 larger--than-life paintings that makes up the exhibition. Bear witness to the continuation as Shafarin pours his innermost emotions onto these 10 

limited life sized imageries of the seascape, an endeavor that has took him over 5 years to string together.

Many have asked Shafarin of the true inspiration behind his affinity with seascapes as his subject of choice, with his artwork portraying the very images of the sea as imagined through his distorted imagination. As proof of his dedication to his craft, has spent more than a year meticulously and dedicatedly study how the colours affects the human emotions.


2011 Oeuvre of movement no.2 – Yang Tersembunyi (Solo Exhibition @ Core Design Gallery) Malaysia

2010 Oeuvre of movement no.1 –Solo Exhibition @ Core Design Gallery, Malaysia

2008 Dramatic Movement Solo Exhibition, gallery Seni Mutiara, penang, Malaysia

1998   'Solo' solo exhibition Zhong Hwa Art House, Penang, Malaysia


2011  Obsessive Art Disorder Art exhibition, Core Design Gallery, Selangor, Malaysia

2010 Beautiful People exhibition, Core Design Gallery, Selangor, Malaysia

2010 Dual Romanticism exhibition,Penang,Malaysia

2009 International Art exhibition ,Malaysia

2007 Malaysia Merdeka exhibition ,Gallery Seni Mutiara,Penang, Malaysia

2007 Group Art exhibition,Pahang, Malaysia

2005 Gelora Rasa Art exhibition, Sri Pinang Art Gallery, Penang, Malaysia

2003 Group Penang Artists exhibition.University Science Malaysia, Art Gallery and Museum Penang, Malaysia

2001 Group Exhibition, Pahang, Malaysia

1999 Art exhibition,Bangkok, Thailand

1997  Group Exhibition, Penang State Art Gallery, Penang, Malaysia

1997  Open exhibitions,Penang State Art Gallery,Penang Malaysia

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